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Nearly There!

We are just putting the finishing touches to the best GM ever! With expanded Health and Welling area sponsored by Gateway HR, live theatre and the new Danish Quarter courtesy of Carlsberg, quite apart from the best music line up yet its going to be a great party.
Please remember that campsites open at 12 on Friday and the music areas start at 4pm on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday doors open at 10am.
There will be tickets available on the door but you can still get them online if you want to be sure.

See you in The Meadows!

Kids Entertainment First Wave!

We are delighted to announce the main kids line up – and its all free! We have added more workshops and activities for older kids and teenagers (and adults can have a go as well!). So over the 3 days you can learn something new, improve a skill or relax watching your kids having fun without a constant stream of demands for money. Happy kids make happy parents!

First Headliners for the Village

We are delighted to announce the first headliners for The Village –  Dan Donnelly of The Wonderstuff and Jon Sevink of The Levellers. We love great songwriters at Green Meadows and you get to see them close up – so get a ticket and get down the front!

The Correspondents sign in!

We are delighted that The Correspondents will be playing The Meadow this year. They have a great live show and we defy you not to dance to their genre busting sound! From Glastonbury to Womad and Shambala they have played all the festivals that matter. We can’t wait for them to get Green Meadows under their belt!